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Benefits of custom built homes

Home sweet home means different things to different homeowners. In order to have a home that‘s perfectly matched to you own expectations, consider going custom. Just remember that custom homes

take longer to build than other types, and typically cost more.

Custom comes in levels

There are two main types of custom homes. First is a semi-custom home that uses a builder’s stock home plans but allows the buyer to make some changes for an additional fee. Second is the truly custom home that boasts a one-of-a-kind design. This is the kind of home where every single choice is made by the owner with input and advice from the builder and/or architect along the way. The most often cited downside of a truly custom home is that it will likely cost more that a similarly sized semi-custom or production home in a similar location.

The upside(s) of a custom home

Assuming your budget can handle the weight, a custom home comes with plenty of value for the money, including:

• Waking up everyday in a home built to suit your style, from the floor plan to the window treatments.

• Living in a home that was built around your daily living patterns. The sinks are just where you want them. The kitchen is laid out to suit your every culinary whim. The closets are designed to house every last pair of shoes.

• Being surrounded by the materials of your choosing. If you have an affinity for hewn lumber, large stone fireplaces or sleek marble counters, you can get it in your custom home and enjoy the look and feel of your favorite materials on a daily basis.

One caution, however. If you plan on reselling this home at some point, avoid customizations that are peculiar to your tastes, but could be a turn-off to others come time to sell. Instead, consider reflecting your unique style in your furniture or lighting fixtures, also known as the items you can take with you when your move on to your next custom home!

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